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An ongoing discussion about conservatism in New Jersey.
Getting the public on your side quickly
George Zilbergeld  (January 18, 2010, 7:42 pm)

Dear Harpriye and others,

I agree that something should be done quickly. The publics mood is not good and we can't be sure the public won't turn on us as quickly as they have turned on the liberal establishment.

I don't want to see a repitition of what Whitman did where she cut some of the lowest paid people working for the state. This left a bad taste in many people's mouth. This school year the professors had to take a seven day furlough-but the staff ( who earn a good deal less) had to take an eleven day furlough. This was done by Corzine but the poit is that New Jersey has a bad habit of doing this over and over. If we do something else it will be a great opporutnity to a be the heros.

The gourp we should be aiming to please is the middle class. I think there are great opportunities to do this in high education. The middle calss is not interested in ideological battles but they sure are interested in getting a good education for their children. They are especially interested in being sure that their children who are in the liberal arts are going to be ok. Of course the liberal arts are where most of the political correctness occurs. Perhpas we should urge that no university's budget be approved until there is transparency and an audit. During the audit it should be possible to eliminate some ideological programs and courses.

For example:

A. The core curriculums are poorly designed if you want your liberal arts student to learn the fundamental skills they will need for the rest of their lives.

B. We can have them look at the basic composition courses and see that are taught by adjuncts. Why? So that the professors can go off and teach/preach their ideology?

C. We now have so many majors/minors etc.that are ideologically based. We might be able to say that at this time we can't afford such majors are Women's studies etc. that we need the money to teach the skills that THEIR children will need. Also we need the money to help the minority children who haven't had the proper opportunities.

D. We can urge that we should have some kind of a cap or ratio between the salaries of the staff and the professors and the administration. This will make it hard to say the we are against the little guy.

Couldn't we save the taxpayers some money and provide a better and more objective education for our children.

Is there someone who knows more about political realities who can answer if an audit before budget approval would be possible?