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An ongoing discussion about conservatism in New Jersey.
A happy first birthday for Jersey Conservative!
Peter C. Hansen  (April 15, 2010, 10:55 am)

Exactly one year ago, Jersey Conservative was inaugurated. At the time, our concern was to build a group blog that would stand out by discussing NJ conservatism in a calm, positive and deliberative manner, with no red meat:

The discussion here is not intended to be proselytizing, but rather an effort to hash out what are now often murky areas of political thought. Ideas, values, social constructs, morals and dispositions are going to be revealed and examined by some of the top thinkers in the state. The result will almost certainly not be a single definition of "conservatism" for New Jersey, but instead a rich and diverse philosophical framework within which New Jerseyans (and others) can evaluate their own manner of thinking and the issues of the time. (Inaugural Entry of April 15, 2009.)
It has been a great first year. The site's thoughtful and active Contributors have cogently expressed and explored very different strains of conservative thought, all while fostering a welcoming and collegial environment. We have had roundtable discussions, a host of one-off entries providing insights on diverse topics, and even a campaign to uphold the rule of law (after the "Larkin Incident"). It has been very fun, and in the midst of it all we had Governor Christie's election and now the previously unthinkable headline by Bill McGurn of "Reaganism, New Jersey Style."

We look forward to continuing our discussion, and we encourage you to spread the word! We appreciate your readership, and on this Tax Day we wish you as much relief as possible!